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What is Nutrition?
Everyone knows the saying “we are what we eat”. What we consume through food and drink ultimately affects how efficient our body works and how we feel. A well balanced diet means you feel well balanced too.
Most people associate the word diet with negative attitudes such as restriction or denial. This should not be the case. A person's diet is what they consume on a daily basis to allow their body to function at it's best without ever thinking about it in too much detail. This only comes from knowledge and understanding as well as implementing this theory in to everyday practice.
Nutrition for Sport and Exercise
Ensuring that you are getting the right nutrition for your body's needs is important. Any form of exercise or activity requires energy to be able to perform and knowing the best forms of energy for what is required can help you be the best you can be.
Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition
Congratulations! Just because you're pregnant does not mean that you need to increase your calories and eat for 2. Ensuring that you get the right nutrition when you are pregnant is important for your baby's development as well as enhancing your mood and allowing you to cope with the surge of hormones occurring in the body. It is also important to ensure that we maintain the right nutrition after having the baby. For women who are breastfeeding this nutrition will be providing for your baby directly. You may also be thinking about getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight or shape and the right nutrition can help you do this without restriction or denial but with a healthy, well balanced diet.
Nutrition Packages
Below is an outline of the packages available dependent on the support you require. Prices are based on a monthly basis.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Pre-appointment email and questionnaires  
Action Planning and Goal Setting No Yes Yes Yes
Personalised Nutrition Plan No Yes Yes Yes
1 x 1hr Initial 1hr +
2 x 45min
Initial 1hr +
4 x 45min
Initial 1hr +
4 x 45min +
1 x 1hr Personal Training session
Further communication No Email check-in Email check-in Email check-in
Type of advice and support Basic Tailored Tailored Tailored
Price £40.00 £55.00 £75.00 £100.00
Total contact time 1hr 2.5hrs 4hrs 5hrs

Which package is for me?
Bronze = this package is for those that just want a general nutrition plan. It will provide general guidelines to improve your current diet plan.
Silver = this package is for those that want an individualised nutrition plan to help achieve specific goals i.e. weight loss, increasing sports performance, enhancing mood..
Gold = this package is for those that want an extended individualised nutrition plan to help achieve long term goals with extra motivation and support where necessary. The additional contact time will ensure that you keep on track throughout the month and maintain good progress. 
Platinum = this package is the same as Gold with the addition of a personal training exercise session. This could be for people who wish to start an exercise programme at home, increase their physical activity levels to support their goals or to support current training programmes to enhance performance. An exercise plan will be supplied.
Additional Personal Training packages are available for those that would like a complete nutrition and exercise plan.